JOSHKERR ~AIRのスペシャリストから一流のオールラウンダーへ~
2011年にはSurfer Pollにおいて、年間各部門パフォーマンスで世界1に認められました。

JOSHKERR – became first-class all-rounder from the specialist of AIR –
Joshkerr is popular because of his good looking face and outstanding surfing. He is one of the succeeded surfer in these days.
After he qualified WCT always be in among TOP10.
He can play any kind of trick, and his skill of tube is the best so that make him get the good ranking in many contest.
Surfer Poll in 2011 he was chosen world No.1 of performance department.

NOA DEANE ~世界で最も注目を集める若手サーファー~
若手フリーサーファーとして現在世界で最も注目を集めるノア・ディーン「Non Deane」
昨年のサーファーポールではA.I.Breakthrough Performer部門を受賞。今後のフリーサーフィン界を牽引する存在と見込まれ、
キッズが憧れるロールモデルになるであろう存在。「F@ck the WSL」発言で、ひんしゅくを買ったこともありましたが...

NOA DEANE – the most popular world young surfer –
「Noa Deane」is the currently most popular young free surfer.
In the 「Cluster」,high performance surf movie that the top rider appeared in, Noa got the honor of going last.
Last year at the surfer poll he won the A.I.Breakthrough Performer. He is expected to driving surfing world not only so, but will be the roll model of kids.
But his remark「F@ck the WSL」offended people in those days…
He doesn’t like contest much, but whole of the world know that he has much ability so that he get carried away.